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ASOS Men’s FW14: Bauhaus

Urban Trend: Bauhaus The Bauhaus trend from ASOS features more of a minimalist perspective to the urban series. It includes clean/contemporary lines, cut and sew details and [Read More]

ASOS Men’s FW14: Silverlake

Urban Trend: Silverlake Silverlake takes on another urban trend that has boomed, bringing you vintage Americana, vintage streetwear, retro sports shapes, graphic prints and [Read More]

ASOS Men’s FW14: Print

Tailored: Print Here we have the first tailored trend, dubbed Print. The suits in this collection are fitted & eccentric. They need a certain pizzazz to pull them off and [Read More]

J. Crew Spring Look

Spring is slowly creeping its way here and it’s almost time to lose the heavy artillery & battle gear (winter jackets, thermals, etc). Gentlemen, lets show the [Read More]


Was BLACK ever NOT sexy? When you step out, donned in ALL BLACK… whose head doesn’t turn? GQ’s 23rd feature in the What To Wear Now 2013 Edition & our [Read More]

The Bow Tie Revolution

Soaring through as # 12 on GQ’s What To Wear Now list is everything you want in an attention bringer. For as long as we can remember, bow ties were part of the [Read More]

60s Shades: All The Rage

They add structure to your face, cool to your classy/edgy look & you’ll look like a 60s BADASS while wearing them. At # 8 on GQ Magazine’s list, 60s style [Read More]
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