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My Black Has Always Been Beautiful

tumblr_mw1pulax2T1rt05vro1_1280I don’t know about you, but I use my social apps to learn and educate. There are so many outlets on the internet, but so little people use it to their advantage. Here’s my attempt to stimulate someone’s mind. Today is Dec. 9, 2013 and I want you all to know that despite all stereotypes, negativity, racism, hate, phobias, neglect… MY BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL.

I browsed my social media today & there was a few alarms that went off in my head for a few reasons. There was a video posted where young black children were placed in front of two dolls, one black & one white, and asked a few questions about them.

Which one is your favorite?
Which one is the bad/good doll?
Which one is the ugly/pretty doll?

Within that 5 minute clip, only a handful of these kids picked the black doll as the favorable one. As I kept scrolling, there was an insane amount of racism based posts. Quite unsettling, but not surprising to say the least. As part of society, I don’t expect much from others. Sadly, racism is still part of our daily lives. As an individual, I have my say. Not many people will read or listen, but for my readers, here you go…



Beyoncé Does Not Have To Cater To LGBT

I read an article the other day about Beyoncé’s new self-titled album not catering to the overwhelming gay fan base she commands. Now look at her face in the picture while I pose this question to you… WHY DOES SHE HAVE TO? It’s pretty obvious that the album is doing just fine without the “one gay kiss”, which was referenced in the article several times. After all, she sold 828,000 albums in THREE DAYS. Now, less than a week into its release, her album has sold over 1 million copies.

Again I ask, why does she need to cater to LGBT? Beyoncé is an enterprise of her own. She released this album with no promotion, no leaks, no chatter about it & guess what? Every person in the LGBT community that idolizes King Bey bought her album anyway and they love it, including me.

I understand Beyoncé is seen as a gay idol and her previous albums have all, in some way, shown love to “the gays”… but think about it for a sec…






Jaye Bryant is a Gay Black American blogger with a generous love for music, culture, a decent pair of kicks & his hometown of Brooklyn, NY. He is the founder of AudioEMIT & it’s brand, AEMNYC. | | AudioEMIT (Tumblr) | AEM NYC (Facebook) | @AEMNYC (Twitter) | @_AEMNYC (Instagram)

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